July Spotlight: Focusing on Family Experience

In the July spotlight, we discover how community education and child care programs can enhance the way families experience their programs through a variety of resources.

– July 23, 2020
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June Spotlight: The Importance of Data in Child Care and Community Education

In the June Eleyo Spotlight, we discover how community education and child care programs can begin or enhance the use of reporting and analysis to drive program growth through a variety of resources.

– June 25, 2020
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Available Now: The Registration Workbook

Built for community education and child care programs, this interactive workbook will provide the tools necessary to organize your planning season and maximize your registration window.

– May 11, 2020
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Lunch is on us: Eleyo’s commitment to help communities erase their lunch debt

Eliminate your school’s lunch debt and boost enrollments: Elevate your community with Eleyo.

– October 1, 2019
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Introducing the new eleyo.com: new leaves, same roots.

Introducing the new eleyo.com: an online resource for child care and after school technology

– September 10, 2019
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Customer Story: From 0 to 100: Offering a lifetime of programs

Rochester provides easy online access to their programs for every member of their community.

– September 4, 2019
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Customer Story: Less paperwork = more time & savings for Westonka

Paper forms are time-consuming for both staff and families. Eliminate the paper, bring everything online with Eleyo to make online registration easy.

– August 29, 2019
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Customer Story: Goodbye and good riddance to key entering payments

Without the right technology, child care staff have to key enter payments into program management software. That's what St. Michael-Albertville was doing.

– August 26, 2019
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Customer Story: Etiwanda School District

Approval-based registration system leads to streamlined processes for Etiwanda's child care programs.

– August 22, 2019
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Product Update: What do security codes and birthday cake have in common?

Eleyo is excited to share two new features in our Child Care Attendance App (iOS).

– August 19, 2019
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Customer Story: Newton County Schools

Newton County was struggling to keep the focus during pick-up time on their students because staff were forced to play the role of debt collector. Enter Eleyo....

– August 13, 2019
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Customer Story: La Mesa - Spring Valley Schools

LMSV saw fiscal savings totaling $17,000 at the end of their first year using Eleyo! See how they did it...

– August 8, 2019
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Product Update: Eleyo's Child Info View | Child Care Attendance App

Eleyo is pleased to announce a new, simpler look to the Child Info View within the Eleyo Child Care Attendance App to make your life easier

– April 26, 2019
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Do You Know How Parents Feel About Your Program? Eleyo Can Help

Some parents are automatically going to tell you, good or bad, what they think of your program. Is your program making an impact?

– April 16, 2019
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Fun After School Enrichment Course Ideas

What do your students like to do? How do you incorporate that into a fun after school enrichment course? Here are three enrichment course ideas for your viewing pleasure.

– March 6, 2019
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