Where to Find Eleyo This Winter & Spring

Spring is just around the corner and Eleyo is heading to some of the largest extended learning and school-age child care conferences. Will you be there?

– January 23, 2019
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Celebrate National Summer Learning Day on July 12

National Summer Learning Day will be celebrated on July 12, 2018. To help celebrate and spread the word about summer programs, we’ve found some helpful resources.

– July 10, 2018
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Google and NAA Team Up to Create the Afterschool TechToolkit!

Technology is everywhere and can be overwhelming when it comes to incorporating it into your afterschool program. Let NAA and Google help!

– June 5, 2018
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Eleyo is Celebrating Afterschool Professionals Appreciation Week

Eleyo is joining with the National AfterSchool Association to celebrate the professionals that are at the heart of afterschool programs during "Afterschool Professionals Appreciation Week" April 23–27, 2018. Here are 4 Rising Stars in the afterschool industry!

– April 23, 2018
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NAA Conference 2018 Invites Afterschool Professionals to “Lead the Charge”

NAA Conference 2018 inspired afterschool child care professionals to “Lead the Charge” and “Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Brilliant.” Eleyo was there, were you?

– March 28, 2018
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After School Elevated | The State of After School 2018

A growing economy means increased reliance on after school programs. A leading advocate tells After School Elevated that after school professionals are ready for the challenge.

– March 22, 2018
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Where You Can Find Eleyo This Year

Our favorite thing to do is talk with our customers and members of the after-school community. We will be attending many events to meet you face to face.

– February 7, 2018
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Afterschool Professionals Appreciation Week 2017 is coming to an end

As Afterschool Professionals Appreciation Week comes to an end, the Eleyo Team has a special message. #heartofafterschool

– April 28, 2017
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Meet Meg Barrett, Program Manager with the Edina Public Schools

Eleyo recognizes Meg Barrett and her staff at Edina Public Schools for Afterschool Professionals Appreciation Week #heartofafterschool

– April 27, 2017
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Meet Katie Nielsen with Little Eagles Preschool, Eden Prairie, MN

Eleyo recognizes preschool teacher, Katie Nielsen for helping kids learn through playing for Afterschool Professionals Appreciation Week #heartofafterschool

– April 26, 2017
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Meet Miss Mary with the Kidstop Program in Osseo

In recognition of Afterschool Professionals Appreciation Week, Eleyo would like to recognize Mary Wold of the Kidstop Program for making kids feel safe & loved!

– April 25, 2017
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We’re joining Afterschool Professionals Appreciation Week

Eleyo is joining the National AfterSchool Association's "Afterschool Professionals Appreciation Week" April 24-28, 2017.

– April 24, 2017
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