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– April 26, 2019

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Making it easier to find the information you need

Our new Child Info View is now live in the Eleyo Child Care Attendance App (iOS). The refreshed look will make it easier to find schedule information, registration questions, and contacts. Each section will have its own tab that you can now select on the left side of the screen.

When site staff need to access information, they need that information right away. Laying out the child information this way makes finding answers as easy as tapping the screen. No more scrolling, it's all right there.


Putting the most important information front and center

  • Child Info: This is a quick overview of the child's information which includes: age, grade, account number, attending school, and any special health concerns. 
  • Schedule: Site staff can easily view a calendar that shows when a child is scheduled, has dropped in, or was absent. This view will make it easy to answer any questions that parents or staff may have regarding a child's schedule.
  • Registration Questions: A lot of information is collected at time of registration. This view shows the answers to the registration questions so that staff can easily find vaccinations or other important information relative to your program. 
  • Contacts: Knowing who can pick up a child and who cannot is vital to a child's safety. This view allows staff to quickly find who is an authorized contact. This view will also show if there are any persons not authorized to pick up a child due to court order and family wishes. 

 How do I get the updated Child Info View?

  • Child Care Attendance App Users: To see the latest features, please update the Child Care Attendance App on your iPads. This update is available on iOS 10 or higher. 
  • Eleyo Users without Attendance App access: Please contact support to be set up with the Child Care Attendance App.
  • Not an Eleyo User: Contact our Sales Team to learn more about how Eleyo can help you get more out of your community education programming.  

Eleyo works hard to make lives easier for site staff, coordinators, administrators, and families. The new Child Info View is just one more way to get the right information immediately in the hands of child care and enrichment staff. 


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