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Our Enrichment module powers thousands of adult and youth enrichment programs across the nation.


Program Management

Build and manage your enrichment programs.

Course creation

Create courses with customized descriptions, schedules, and payment plans.

Customized registration forms

Custom fields and required state forms can be added to any registration.

Registration management

When registrants move to a different course, enrollments update automatically.


Create discounts and special promotion codes for your courses to help you boost enrollments.

Program catalog

A single place for families in your community to filter, search, and register for all of your courses.

Social promotion

Share updates about upcoming courses with your community through email notifications and social media.

Targeted communication

Our software notifies community members about courses that fit their interests based on previous registrations.



Eleyo gives you the tools to increase awareness and accessibility of your enrichment courses.



Families can access registration for courses any time from any device.

Online registration

Easy access for your community to register for courses.

Family Portal

The Family Portal allows community members to manage their courses, schedules, and payments, all in one place.

Schedule management

Subscribe and view upcoming course schedules and events and sync with family calendars.

Course Rosters App

With our Course Rosters App, instructors can easily plan courses and take attendance.

Track expenses

Track course expenditures, instructor contracts, and credits all in one place.

Information at your fingertips

Provide your instructors with important attendee information including allergies, pick-up persons, and more.


Instructor Features

Eleyo provides the tools instructors need to run their courses successfully and sustainably.


Payment Processing

Easily manage payment processing from start to finish with our in-house technology and support. Every payment and invoice is integrated with our registration system.

Automated payments

Securely collect payments any time and on any device.

Single point of support

Eleyo is your primary point of contact whether you have a question about payments, bank reconciliation, registrations, or reporting.

Miscellaneous adjustments

Any adjustments made to course prices are automatically reflected for future enrollments.

Discounts and credits

Create and set-up pricing discounts and adjustments using a variety of criteria.


Run bottom line analysis on individual programs to ensure courses are sustainable.

Real-time attendance

Use the web dashboard or Course Rosters App to track attendance and forecast staffing.

Family evaluations

Distribute custom surveys for specific courses to get feedback from families and run reports on responses to analyze feedback.



Enrichment reports give your instructors and teams the information they need to run sustainable courses for your community.

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