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– April 16, 2019

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Some of us have no problem telling you what we think. Others of us are shy and quiet and afraid of confrontation. Have you ever noticed how much more honest people are when they aren’t face to face – it’s almost an epidemic. But, to really gauge how your before and after school program is helping children, you need the honesty of the child care parents using the program.

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Here’s where Eleyo can help you get that honest feedback your program needs. Within Eleyo’s child care program management software is the ability to automatically send a survey to parents to see how the program is going. The school district gets to decide when and how often to send the survey and what the survey questions are. The responses are then compiled into a nice easy report where you can see an accurate picture of how parents feel about your before and after school program.

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If you’re using Eleyo and just don’t know what questions to ask, here are some potential questions and why their important.

  1. “On a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being poor, 10 being great, how do rate your child’s overall experience in our before and after school program?” – This question gives your program an average number or feeling of how well it’s performing. In the world of customer experience surveys, an answer of six or under, means the program isn’t succeeding. An answer of seven or eight means you’re almost there. Nine or ten means you have a successful program that parents would recommend to other parents.
  2. “How can our program improve?” – From your perspective, the program is running great. Parents have a different perspective because they’re on the outside looking in. When working in the program, sometimes you don’t see what’s missing.
  3. “What do you like best about our program?” – Warning, this question could inflate your ego, but it’s so good to hear what is good about your program. It also helps you point out to prospective parents or to the school board, what parents value most about your program.
  4. “Can we use you as a reference for new parents or research?” – This one can be multiple choice so they can answer, “For New Parents”, “For Research Projects”, “All of the Above”, “None of the Above.” Parent testimony will go a long way in showing other parents and the school board how well your before and after school program is working.

How do we know so much about surveys and their value? Because, once a year, Eleyo surveys each school district that signs up with us. It is a great way for us to understand what needs we are hitting and where we’re missing the mark. We can create and support the software, but because we don’t use the software the way districts do, we can’t know how we’re doing until our software users tell us. 

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Listening to your customers is the best way to improve your program and to know how well it stacks up. If you aren’t using Eleyo, contact us today to see how much easier your life will be with Eleyo. If you are using Eleyo, and need help with the survey feature, please contact us today!

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