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– May 11, 2020

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We’re all missing a sense of community. Child care programs remain temporarily shuttered. Community education programs have adapted to digital formats but still face the reality that communities largely remain separated.

Child care and community education industries have done well to react and adapt to the new world. But now, conversations are forming as to how programs can not only adapt, but move forward and optimize when their programs get back to full speed. It starts with your next registration season, and we’re here to help.


An aid to your registration season

Built for community education and child care programs, Eleyo is introducing the Registration Workbook. This interactive workbook will give you the tools necessary to organize your planning season and maximize your registration window.

This printable PDF will guide you through a strategic registration plan. Use it to lead or simply enhance all or parts of your process. Use it to spark ideas, organize your projects and check off tasks, however it may help.


Designed to fit your child care or community education program

The Registration Workbook is designed to apply for child care and enrichment registration processes. While some exercises are specific to a certain track, throughout the process you’ll leverage information from the past to prepare boldly for the future.

Meant for districts and programs of all sizes and demographics, these exercises adapt to your specific needs. And, whether you’re able to leverage a technology platform for your program management or not, this workbook is still for you.


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Your new guide, not your new process

We know every program, hence every process is different. The Registration Workbook is designed with that in mind. We know that we are catching you all at unique parts of your next registration period. Our hope is that you’re able to still turn to the page that connects where you are today. We can always send you a new copy when you need to start from page one next registration season.

And just as how your processes are all different, so is your pace. The Registration Workbook is designed with that in mind. We’re here to help you discover your deadlines and work carefully and thoughtfully to achieve them. The workbook is not a race.

Positive momentum

So, as you embark or continue along your registration season preparation, we hope the Registration Workbook serves as a resource — whether organizational or inspirational.

And remember, the success of your upcoming registration season doesn’t hinge on checking every box or completing every brainstorm we recommend. What’s important is that you’re taking the time to think hard about how you can improve your programs, and in turn, your community — all in the spirit of positive momentum.

Be on the lookout for the Registration Workbook in the coming days. We wish you the best of luck this coming season. Now, let’s get to work.

You can access your free workbook here: https://www.eleyo.com/registration-workbook

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