NAA Conference 2018 Invites Afterschool Professionals to “Lead the Charge”

– March 28, 2018

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The National AfterSchool Association (NAA) provides many tools for the out-of-school-time professionals including research, training, and publications. Although these tools are wonderful, the real learning magic happens during NAA’s annual national convention! This year’s convention took place March 18 – 21 in Atlanta, Georgia where NAA inspired attendees to “Lead the Charge” with sessions emphasizing how to find your own leadership style and build on current leadership skills.

NAA Convention 2018

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As part of leading the charge, there were three attributes that NAA is asking afterschool child care professionals to be. “Be Bold”, “Be Brave”, and “Be Brilliant.” Each day of the conference was devoted to one of those attributes.

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The general session on Tuesday, March 20 was “Boldly Engaging with Your Community” with Tracey Lay, Chair of the Board of Directors for NAA, and Byron V. Garrett, Chairman of the Family Engagement Alliance. During this session, attendees were provided a 30-year history of bold thinking in youth development and were inspired to bring together families, communities, educators, and afterschool professionals to create a bright future.


Erika Petrelli with The Leadership Program and Jason Barnaby with Fire Starters, Inc. presented “Bravely Stepping into Your Style of Leadership” on Monday, March 19. Afterschool professionals were encouraged to find their leadership style and ignite their own passions to lead the afterschool industry to greater heights.


The final session on Wednesday, “You Are Brilliant!” lead by Chic Thomson who founded WAGiLabs, left attendees inspired and excited to go share what they have learned at the NAA Conference. Attendees were equipped with leadership skills and inspired to use their creativity to make their child care program and community even stronger.

Eleyo is continually impressed by the amount of research and information NAA provides. We would recommend NAA as a great tool for inspiration and thought leadership to any afterschool program.

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