Eleyo is Celebrating Afterschool Professionals Appreciation Week

– April 23, 2018

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There are so many shiny stars in the before and afterschool child care industry that we need to amplify their light to show the world how important these programs are to our local communities. Afterschool programs help children feel included and inspire them to reach for the stars. This all wouldn’t be possible without the dedication and passion of those professionals running the programs. Here are just four examples of Rising Stars in the afterschool industry that we would like to honor during Afterschool Professionals Appreciation Week. These individuals were also highlighted in magazine, After School Elevated.

Robin GarciaRobin Garcia, Director of PASAR within the Plano Independent School District, Texas

For the past eight years, Robin Garcia has been overseeing PASAR district wide. What makes PASAR unique is its inclusiveness not only for special needs children, but families from all walks of life. According to Robin Garcia, “All of us work in unison to listen to what our children need and want, and make it happen.” Read more.


Josh GliderJosh Glider, Director of Kyrene Community Education Services, Arizona

Josh Glider has always had a passion for helping children. But his passion doesn’t stop there, he also wants his team of professionals to find their direction. “Someone might not know what their passion is, but when they are introduced to this work, they may realize this is something they could do for the rest of their professional lives.” Read more.


Julie KinsellaJulie Kinsella, Child Care Specialist with Cub Care, Eastern Carver County Schools Community Education, Minnesota

Julie Kinsella began her career as a teacher in California. When she moved back to her home state of Minnesota, she took an internship with a before and after care program. Here is where she found her calling. “I realized I had a unique opportunity to work with kids on a more personal level and to build long-term relationships with them and their families.” Read more.


Amy Frey

Amy Frey, Manager of Minneapolis Kids, Minneapolis Public Schools, Minnesota

Amy Frey started out in before and afterschool programs as a part time job while she went to college for her master’s degree in special education. This experience showed Amy a new path where you could build your own curriculum and make it an inclusive place for all children. To ensure children receive the best care, Amy makes sure that her staff receives the training and benefits they need. “We need to make sure this is seen as a profession that is valued and respected in our society.” Read more.

 After School Elevated

Afterschool professionals deserve credit and respect for the impact these professionals and the programs they serve have on our local communities. Eleyo is proud to support the afterschool industry and honored to be in contact with amazing people every day. Thank you afterschool professionals for all you do!

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