Meet Meg Barrett, Program Manager with the Edina Public Schools

– April 27, 2017

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Eleyo is recognizing Meg Barrett and her staff within the Edina Public Schools District in honor of Afterschool Professionals Appreciation Week.

Meg Barrett has been with the Edina Public Schools District for "quite a while" and is very appreciative of her "super passionate staff."  There are three levels of afterschool programming for this district: KIDS Club (Grades K-3), WISE Guys (Grades 4-5), and SURGE (Grades 6-9) with 1,300 students enrolled. 

Meg was happy to celebrate Afterschool Professionals Appreciation Week and she encourages people to pause for a moment and appreciate those afterschool professionals that are dedicated to making children successful in life. 


How is your community celebrating Afterschool Professionals Appreciation Week? Share with us through our Facebook page or Twitter. We are excited to share with the world the wonderful Afterschool Professionals in our area and hope you will do the same! #heartofafterschool


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