Make Sure Your Facilities Management Software Has These 4 Capabilities

– January 26, 2017

Making good use of facility space is one of community education administrators' top financial goals. So why don’t most facilities run at full capacity? To combat the biggest obstacles users face, experts designed facilities management software that makes life easier.

Facilities Management Software Many smart office products are available for booking meeting space, but not all have the specific features built to meet the needs of community education programs. When shopping for facilities management software, look for these capabilities:

1. Real-time scheduling.

Perhaps you’re using a locally stored database or web-based calendar that’s only for staff use. A digital schedule which is searchable and backed up for security can help. However, unless you can book in real time, having multiple instances of your calendar open at once can create more problems than it solves. Posting classes and room availability on a static website still requires users to call or email. If your current method doesn’t prevent staff from double booking a space, you need to upgrade.

2. Self-service booking and payment.

Paying via your website is a preference for more and more users. Their expectation is that your online services will be as good as getting help from a person. Facilities management software allows users to easily reserve and pay for space without the help of your staff. Self-service capabilities means lower operating costs and higher user satisfaction.

3. Accessibility to community groups.

One obstacle to keeping your rooms full is the hassle of onboarding new groups to your facility. When organizers must call for information about your space, your staff is tasked with explaining the capacity, audio-visual capabilities, and terms of rental. Why use so much employee time on prospects who may wind up going elsewhere when they can access that information themselves? The best options for facilities management software give users all the right tools to help themselves.

4. Reliable reports.

Taking a strategic approach to programming is your best bet for running a thriving operation. Reports based on real data are crucial for making informed decisions. Sometimes the programs that seem to be the most popular are actually just the squeakiest wheels. You don’t have to base choices that affect services on anecdotal remarks about which programs get the biggest response. Get detailed financial reports from your facilities management software for valuable insights.

Whether you report to a board, an individual, or the general public, make your mark as a resourceful leader by introducing new ways to utilize your facility efficiently and turn empty rooms into a revenue source.Schedule A Demo

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