Eleyo Module Benefits: Facilities

– December 2, 2016

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If you are a school district currently renting out your facilities, Eleyo is here to help make your life easier with our Facilities module. From scheduling to facility use information, Eleyo offers a suite of capabilities that make renting facilities easy. Below are the benefits Eleyo’s Facilities module brings to both internal staff and your community.

For your staff:

  • Approval-based facility scheduling
  • Automated conflict checking as other programs create a season’s course offering
  • Set up auto-approval for certain accounts at a building between specific hours
  • Customizable user permission levelsFacilities public.png
  • Powerful scheduling and financial reports

For your community:

  • Check space availability online
  • Request to use space on a smartphone or tablet
  • View and print invoices and receipts online
  • Add additional details about requests online
  • Pay invoices on a smartphone or tablet

Along with these benefits, school districts can define district-specific rates and rate types. Districts can also view facility request history and manage accounts online. The capabilities and information your staff will have combined with the easy-to-use public facing portal makes Eleyo an essential tool for managing facility rental.

To see the product in action and better understand if it meets your needs, please drop us a line at hello@eleyo.com.

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