Five Ways A Tuition Based Preschool Can Benefit From Management Apps

– December 22, 2016


What once began as a pet project for computer aficionados has brought forth the Internet revolution, which now influences every aspect of our lives. The web has come a long way and it’s amazing to think what’s coming next. Have you wondered if today’s technology is doing enough to make your workday easier? Software solutions for your tuition-based preschool can do more than you may expect. Benefits From Management Apps

Consider how these five benefits of management apps for tuition-based preschool can affect your long-term outlook and bring satisfaction to your day-to-day operations.

1. Start by eliminating mundane tasks and boost productivity with automatic billing, rebilling, and receipts. The most user-friendly systems are customizable to easily set tuition breaks or other billing adjustments. By using a multifunction program, you will save valuable time from the moment you boot up a single application instead of several different programs. Meanwhile, time spent on data entry is curbed because the system can automatically complete many functions.

Preschool management shouldn’t be complicated. When you rely on one tool, everything simplifies. Web-based customer service programs are more user friendly than ever thanks to expert developers who understand how childcare providers really work. Coupled with top notch customer care, a management app can usher you into a headache-free future.

2. Communicate efficiently and effectively with parents. The program designers at Eleyo understand that good communication is the basis for mutual understanding to ensure parent satisfaction; not to mention that any type of exchange needs to be simple and flexible in order to deliver important information to the right person and department.

With web-based management apps, users can access the info they need without taking up anyone else’s time.

3. Beat the competition with sleeker and more convenient customer service offerings. You can't just rely on your website's contact page to give prospects the incentive to call or email you. Thankfully, web-based technology has permeated almost every aspect of our lives, making mundane tasks easy or sometimes even automated altogether!

When you offer conveniences like online booking, you set yourself apart from the competition as a contemporary and well-run facility. Software as a solution (SAAS) packages empower you to provide the security and convenience that parents look for. Busy parents appreciate self-service for a number of reasons:
  • Secure child pickup and drop-off
  • Auto-debit accounts
  • Available 24/7
  • Secure online payments
  • Access features from mobile device
  • Check account status and view all payments
  • Easy registration forms
4. Run programs without missing a beat. Many schools use separate sets of records to track attendance, note guardianship, and address kids’ individual needs. These kinds of dated systems leave much to be desired. Switching to a singular preschool management application offers staff one manageable source for:

  • Emergency contacts
  • Registered guardians
  • Food and environmental allergies
  • Dietary needs

Your preschool is there to provide care, but don’t let unexpected circumstances affect your bottom line. Drop-ins and late pick-ups can potentially hold you back if not handled efficiently. When your invoices automatically generate from pick up and drop off records, it’s less work for clerical staff and ultimately saves on labor cost while eliminating errors at the same time. Plus, parents can’t hold a grudge against a computer for assessing a late pickup fee or dispute charges when records are 100% accurate.

5. Manage strategically.  Solutions that track session attendance can perform sophisticated, valuable analytics. Shortly after onboarding, your dashboard will have enough data on how a tuition-based preschool is operating to provide you with valuable insights. Users can easily access reports comparing attendance to expenditure, either viewed graphically or in a spreadsheet. Put your aces in their places and trim resources where necessary to keep your tuition-based preschool running at an optimum level.

Facilities just like yours have seen the benefits of leveraging a smart solution for registration and billing for themselves. Now it's your turn to prosper! Learn more about how management apps can make your life easier.

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Joe Hickey

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Joe Hickey

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