Program Management Software For Preschool

Program Management Software For Preschool

Eleyo’s Tuition-Based Preschool module makes managing Early Childhood Education easier. In addition to online registration and scheduling, Eleyo incorporates scholarships, as well as mass invoicing, secure payments, and a paperless workflow.


Eleuyo's Flexible Registration

Flexible Registration

Eleyo enables preschool programs to offer a full range of programs tailored for their communities. It is easy to set up online registration for full-day, half-day, morning, afternoon, or any other regularly scheduled preschool program.

Parents enroll their children online and pay tuition payments directly from their account. Eleyo automates creating and sending invoices, payment details, and other mass email reminders.

Financial Reporting

Eleyo automatically tracks the financial information for your preschool sections. This includes all payment receipts, additional expense or credits, and billing organization discounts. Payment features include:

  • Flat or percentage discounts
  • Automatic monthly payments
  • Pending payments for future collection
  • Split payments among multiple parents
  • Email tuition bills with invoices
Eleyo's Financial Reporting

Child Safety

Child safety is an essential part of Eleyo’s preschool module. Eleyo captures emergency contact, registered guardian, and allergy and diet information, which is immediately accessible to site staff.

Easy to Use


Eleyo's Program Management software is a better user experience. Features include:

  • Intuitive online course registration
  • Dynamic calendar views
  • Interactive location(s) map
  • Discount and adjustment features


Users have the ability to register multiple family members at a time, share courses through social media, and opt-in to reminder emails.