How Family Empowerment Streamlined one School District's Workflow

– October 19, 2016

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Many community education departments struggle with getting registration information and fees from parents, especially when the school district is still using paper forms to gather the information and multiple software systems to organize and maintain that data. When the registration is received, someone employed by the district has to key in that information to the district’s administration software and any payments will need to be entered into the department ledger. This process utilizes separate software programs for registration information and payment capture, and a lot of personnel time obtaining missing information and entering information accurately into the software systems.

Osseo Area Schools in Minnesota found a better way to accept registrations and payments using Eleyo’s community education software. With Eleyo, Osseo Area School parents are able to register and pay for all of their children’s activities through one login on one web portal.

“When we first started using the program, we entered in the contracts for families. Having families enter this information in was a huge success,” said Mary Aydt, Osseo Kidstop Secretary.parents_walking_with_kids.jpg

The registration process now allows the parents to choose the childcare or courses they would like to enroll their students in, supply emergency contact information and health information (allergies or special diets), and pay fees pertaining to activities including child care and ECFE. The parents can view all of the children’s activities, what has been paid, and what needs to be paid.

By having parents enter in the needed information, it has saved Osseo Area Schools not only time, but the money invested in the district employees entering countless registrations and then routing payments to the correct departments. Through Eleyo, parents fill out the registration forms in their entirety and the payments are automatically funded into the department ledger account that corresponds with the activities or courses.

“We used to accept checks and each site was entering in payment information and doing their own deposits,” said Sue Pumarlo, Osseo Kidstop Technology Support Specialist. “We now have it set up that when a family enrolls, auto-payment is set up.”

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