Simplify the Registration Process: 99% of Fees Collected with Auto-Pay

– August 29, 2018

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Setting up your program for success all starts at registration. The right program management software allows you to take payment during registration and makes invoicing families easy. Go one step further and use the auto-pay feature in Eleyo. This feature ensures every payment is received on time and encourages a convenient payment method.

FP Mobile Dashboard in PhoneThe millennial parents of today are not afraid of technology and like to do their banking online. It’s more convenient for them to have 24/7 access to online accounts. Using Eleyo’s auto-pay feature meets this need and keeps families engaged.

Simplify the Registration Process: Comprehensive Online Registration

Auto-pay not only helps your families, but it also helps your staff. When staff can spend more time working with children and building relationships with families, they’re happier. If staff become your program’s bill collectors, it changes the relationship dynamic they have with families.

With Eleyo, programs can ask for the registration fee at the time of registration. Yes, there are some programs that already do that, but here’s where Eleyo is different. Eleyo then provides the option for the programs to use the Eleyo auto-pay feature so that families can set the payment method and agree to be charged every month or week. It can be within a program’s policy that families enroll in auto-pay at the time of registration. Programs who have decided to do this, collect at least 99% of their fees (one school district even collects 100% of their child care tuition).

FP Saved Payment Method in PC

Why Before and After School Child Care Programs Need Auto-Pay

What percentage of tuition and fees is your program currently collecting? If it’s not 99% or above, let Eleyo help. Simplify your registration process by collecting payment at time of registration online and enabling auto-pay so every payment is received on time, every time.


The Key To Simplifying Your School Aged Child Care Program's Registration Process

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