Why Before and After School Child Care Programs Need Auto-Pay

– November 29, 2017

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As 2017 ends, program managers are looking at child care accounts to find outstanding balances to reconcile finances. How can Eleyo’s auto-pay feature lower the number of outstanding balances in your program?

Past Due Accounts Before and after school programs are vital to the success of the communities they serve. If the funding isn’t there, the program is at risk of being shut down. Eleyo has learned first-hand from users how necessary auto-pay is for the success of child care and enrichment programs. So, how does Eleyo’s auto-pay feature work?

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With Eleyo’s online registration software, school districts can take payments immediately and require all accounts to use auto-pay. Families can choose whether to pay by credit card or checking account. They also have the ability to view past payments and change account information for the auto-pay through the district’s family portal.
This all sounds great, but most districts and families want to know—what if there is an issue with a payment? Eleyo’s platform creates auto-generated emails delivered directly to child care administrators and families if a payment declines or if a card expiration date is upcoming. If the payment declines, the email will include a link for families to choose a different method of payment.
With an integrated payment and reporting system that works with online registration, there is no more looking through multiple files to find outstanding balances. With Eleyo, administrators can run a report and email families whose balance is past due and can subsequently charge a late payment fee. Within the email, an invoice shows past-due balances with a link for families to click and pay.
With Eleyo, year-end is looking brighter! Money is coming in, staff are not hunting down multiple unpaid accounts, and you can better plan for the future of your before and after school program.


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