Reduce Staff Burnout by Providing the Right Tool

– February 27, 2019

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An unmanageable workload and lack of clarity around roles are two of the main factors that lead to staff burnout1. Too much work; not enough time. Being hired to care for children; then spending hours copying data from paper to computer.

Reduce Staff Burnout

How often do you hear your staff express frustration that they can’t make the program better because they’re stuck in the day-to-day tasks? When you choose the right program management software, you can decrease or even eliminate the time staff spend on those mundane tasks.

One example is checking children in and out each day. If your program uses paper sign-in sheets, someone needs to manually copy the attendance info to the computer. Conversely, with Eleyo, staff can check children in and out through an attendance app. Attendance info is updated automatically, so administrators and directors have accurate, up-to-date information. And staff can spend their time with children, not pouring over paper and computers. Everyone wins.

Another example is printing and mailing invoices to families. Eleyo’s program management software can help there too. You email families when their invoices are ready. They click the link in the email and pay their invoices online. Families appreciate the convenience, and staff benefit from receiving and processing payments faster.

Eleyo’s software was created to eliminate the tasks that burden your staff. By providing your staff with the right tool, you can eliminate the monotonous things that wear them down and take them away from doing what they love.

Eleyo provides everything you need to manage your program — online registration, a family portal, billing, attendance tracking, and reporting. Plus, since Eleyo is a cloud-based software, staff and families can log in from anywhere.

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