5 Reasons Why You Need Eleyo's Child Care Attendance App

– September 12, 2018

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Attendance numbers can be some of the most telling numbers for before and after school programs. High attendance means that families are happy with your program and it may be time to expand. Low numbers mean that families either aren’t enjoying your program offerings or perhaps they just can’t find the right fit within your program. Since attendance tracking is such a critical way to determine how well your programs are doing, Eleyo designed the Child Care Attendance App to make it easier. Here are 5 things it does and the reasons why you need Eleyo’s Child Care Attendance App.


1.     Tracking AttendanceProfile Pictures on Attendance Screen Aug 2018

With the Eleyo Child Care Attendance App, site staff can see which children are scheduled to be participating and which children have been called in absent. They can also add children who are there for drop-in care and see any changes in child care contracts. As parents drop their children off or pick them up, they will sign the children in and out through the Child Care Attendance App. The app communicates with the administrative side of Eleyo so both site staff and administrators have access to the same information.


2.     Know Where Children Are Within the Buildingipad-child-location-screen

Knowing which children are in attendance is one thing, but most programs move children from one activity to another. This can make it a nightmare to figure out where a child is if a parent arrives early. With the Child Care Attendance App, as children move from room to room, the site staff can update where they are at in the building to make it easy for other site staff, administrators, and coordinators to locate children.


3.     Easy Access to Emergency Contacts and Approved Pick-Up PersonsiPad View Child Info CONTACTS

At some point, site staff will need to be able to locate the list of emergency contacts or pick-up persons for a specific child. Instead of shuffling through paper records, the Eleyo Child Care Attendance App provides all that information at the fingertips of site staff. By clicking on the child’s name, they can pull up the child’s account which includes allergies, emergency contacts, and approved pick-up persons. The child’s account will include all the information requested at the time of registration. As parents update this information in the family portal, it is synced with the administrative side of Eleyo as well as the Child Care Attendance App.


4.     Early Drop-Off and Late Pick-Up FeesiPad View Child Info SCHEDULE PARENT SIGNATURE

As parents drop off or pick up their children, they will sign or check them in through the Child Care Attendance App. The check-in or out is time stamped. This provides programs the ability to accurately and automatically invoice families for early drop-off or late pick-up fees. One school district in Arizona, collected an additional $3,000 in late pick-up fees the first week they enabled this feature.

 3 Benefits to Using an iPad Attendance App

5.     ReportingChild Care Attendance App Dashboard in iPad

With all the information shared between the administrative side of Eleyo and Child Care Attendance App, there is one centralized place to find attendance records. Everyone has access to the same information making it easier to communicate and report on activities.

When you review all the things the Child Care Attendance App can do for a program, it’s clear to see why before and after school programs across the country turn to Eleyo. To make lives easier, all the information is centralized within Eleyo so that families, staff, and administrators see the same information. This makes for easier communication with families and allows both staff and parents to spend more time with children. After all, aren’t children the whole reason why your program exists?

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