School Aged Child Care Programs

School Aged Child Care Programs

Eleyo’s easy-to-use child care module is helping school aged child care (SACC) programs work better and making it easier for families to register and manage accounts. Our all-in-one software simplifies SACC scheduling, drop-in days, contracts and billing. Plus, child drop-off and pick-up is streamlined with the iPad sign-in/sign-out app.


Eleyo Comprehensive Calendar

Comprehensive Calendar

Eleyo’s child care scheduling calendar is fully customizable. Parents can manage their child care schedules online, specifying the times their children will need care so SACC programs can make accurate staffing and facilities predictions.

iPad Integration

On site, Eleyo's iPad sign-in/sign-out app gives support staff valuable information on child schedule. But Eleyo goes further, giving time-stamped sign-in and sign-out times so districts can accurately assess and bill late pick-up times and unexpected drop-in days. And, in case of emergency, Eleyo’s iPad app has immediate access to emergency contacts and medical information for each child.

Eleyo ipad Integration
Eleyo Program Management

Program Management

School district Program Managers can identify trends by leveraging reporting features. Using this data you can determine what sections are performing best, evaluate staffing levels, and find more opportunities to increase revenue.

Contracts and Payments

Eleyo makes child care contract management easy by allowing administrators the ability to establish contract specifications, invoice payments, and report on past due payments. This includes incorporating a variety of fee adjustments and payment options, such as:

  • Percentage discounts
  • Flat discounts
  • Automatic monthly payments
  • Pending payments for future collection
  • Split family payments

Eleyo saves you time by automatically tracking child care program variables and helps you optimize your programs with integrated data reporting.

Eleyo Contracts and Payment
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