Is Online Registration Necessary? That's like asking if we could survive without Google!

– December 6, 2017

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Do you remember the days before the internet existed? We don't either. How did we even survive?

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How do you feel when you can’t purchase something online or make a reservation online? It’s pretty frustrating. In terms of child care, this frustration is experienced by parents who need to return the forms during school hours and by child care staff who need to manually enter registration data into a computer.

Online registration is a necessity in today’s society. Parents expect it and staff request it. Registering and paying for child care at your own convenience makes life easier for everyone. This is where Eleyo comes in.

Once a school district sets up a registration page, interested parents can create an online account within the Eleyo family portal. In this account, parents enter the children that will be attending child care, the emergency contacts (number of contacts determined by the district), allergies, approved pick-up persons, and payment information. All of the information will be retained in their family account for future registrations. From here, parents can also view past receipts, payment history, and child care tax statements. These are the needs of modern-day parents.

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While the parents are filling out the family account information, they are also registering their children for child care. Once entered, all of this information is accessible by the school district staff to begin approving child care contracts and creating waitlists. School districts can customize the registration forms to gather information crucial to their programs. They can also charge a registration fee or set up auto-pay. These are the needs of modern-day programs.

Eleyo makes online registration easy because it enables parents to manage their account and register their children at their own convenience. Eleyo’s online registration makes it easy for school districts to ensure accurate registration and payment information. This means a significant reduction in manual data entry.

Did you know that it takes a parent as little as 3 minutes to register their child for child care with Minneapolis Public Schools? Pretty slick.

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