5 Tips For Successful Child Care Administration With Eleyo's Software

– February 13, 2017

Child Care

Do you have a vision for the future of your child care program? The direction that your program takes depends not only on the high quality of early education and care, but also on your business plan for success. Repeating the same procedures year after year is a safe and predictable strategy, but you can move your program to the next level by leveraging technology that consolidates all your child care tasks within one software solution. Child care administration software does so much more than online registration; Eleyo has taken a centralized approach to making your life easier.

Child Care AdministrationHere are 5 tips to maximizing your administration with Eleyo software:

  1. Optimize Labor Expenditures

Efficiency is the name of the game for trimming costs. The less time staff spend performing redundant tasks, the lower your payroll budget will be. A smart software solution eliminates the need for all unnecessary clerical work including manual payment processing. Providing families with the opportunity to manage their account and payments online frees your staff to concentrate on child care, giving you leeway to run your office easily and with fewer costs.

  1. The Right Attendance Tools

Onsite staff need the proper tools to manage drop-offs and pick-ups securely and easily.  Eleyo’s iPad sign-in/sign-out app makes this process effortless for parents, onsite staff, and program administrators. With Eleyo’s attendance app:

  • Parents can sign children in and out of care.
  • Onsite staff can view information on each child, including allergies, emergency contacts, and who is authorized to pick up the child.
  • Administrators can pull accurate, up-to-the minute attendance records that show who signed the child in and out.
  1. Manage Your Public Image

Credibility is your most important asset. Use your web presence to build trust with parents and prospective families. Eleyo lets you upload photos, your logo, and other graphics to create professional looking landing pages.

Electronic marketing tools aren’t just used for sales, they also communicate important information about your services and help you stay connected with families. With Eleyo, you can reach out via multiple platforms, such as email, text, social media, and web content.

  1. Gather Feedback

You can gather crucial information by going directly to the users of your programs: the families. Eleyo provides the ability to conduct surveys for each child care program. Surveys are sent out by email and can contain a variety of answer options, from multiple checkboxes to open ended. This allows you to learn directly from families which programs are working and which aren’t.

  1. Plan Strategically

Leverage all of the data your system is collecting to get a clear picture of your child care program’s progress. Eleyo features reports for fiscal reporting, child care contracts, and survey results. Studying your numbers gives you actionable insights for planning for the future of your program. Dynamic reports make presenting your data simple, and surveys offer supporting evidence of your achievements.

Child care departments and tasks are dependent on one another, so why not manage them all together? Lead your child care administration into the next generation with Eleyo.

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