Why You Need Program Management Software That Features System Generated Fees

– February 14, 2018

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Late fees aren’t the most popular conversational topic. No one wants to be the bad guy and tell parents they need to pay additional fees, but money is needed to run the program. Staff need to be paid. Bills need to be paid. Every penny counts!

Make it easier on child care program staff by using software, like Eleyo, that features system generated fees that eliminate the need for awkward fee collection conversations. This will free up staff time and make your program operate more efficiently so it can keep growing.


Freeing Up Staff Time

With Eleyo, administrative users can set up automated late pickup fees and/or late payment fees. Billing staff will enjoy not having to calculate late payments or which children were picked up late.

When child care programs use Eleyo’s iPad Attendance App, parent sign in/out signatures are time stamped. When the late pickup fee feature is activated within Eleyo, signature time stamps automatically charge the fee during the next invoicing cycle. Staff can select family accounts to be exempt from late pickup fees or can remove the fee before the invoicing cycle, if needed.

3 Benefits of Using an iPad Attendance App

Late payment fees work much the same way. When a payment is received after the due date, the system will automatically add a late payment fee to the next invoice for that account. Staff can select fee-exempt accounts as well.

Operating Efficiently

When staff spend time chasing down payments or staying late due to a late pickup, your program does incur costs. It’s not usually as visible because you’re not receiving a bill.

Some parents may be consistently late to pick up their children which means additional staff time and additional costs. Keeping parents accountable to picking up children on time ensures that additional staff time is covered. Charging late pickup fees keeps operational costs in check.

Tracking down payments also requires additional staff time and it could delay revenue that your child care program needs. Late fees are necessary to keep your program operating efficiently and covers any costs that the program incurs due to late payments.

5 Tips for Successful Child Care Administration with Eleyo's Software

Child care programs need software that takes care of automating late fees. It eliminates a manual billing process and frees up staff to concentrate on making the program better. Technology is designed to make things easier and more efficient, so why not let Eleyo take on the administration of late fees?

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