Simplify the Registration Process: Easy Access to All the Data (Reporting)

– September 5, 2018

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It’s not easy running a program that serves the community. You need to know what the enrollment and attendance numbers are, how much your program has collected in fees, and if there is enough staff to cover everything going on. When staff have to look into multiple software programs to pull information, not only can it confuse your staff, but your data can be confused too. Eleyo is the easier way.

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As soon as families register, staff can see the numbers in Eleyo. Your program can also allow registrations to come in on their own, or staff can approve each registration one by one. It will be easy to know which sessions or sites are the most popular, which allows programs to staff accordingly.

Eleyo Makes Child Care Registration Easy

Attendance Tracking

When participants arrive and are checked in through Eleyo’s Child Care Attendance App or Course Roster App, that information is updated on the administrative side of Eleyo in real time. Administrators and coordinators will be able to see when children are arriving and when they are being picked up. With the Child Care Attendance App, administrators and coordinators will even know where exactly children are within the building.


With electronic invoicing and auto-pay, administrators and coordinators can easily find out what fees have and haven’t been paid. All the information is at their fingertips. Staff can pull reports on which accounts received a discount, which paid the full amount, and which are past due. This makes reporting the financial health of programs easy.Simple Accurate Reporting Funnel

With registration, attendance, and payment information funneling into Eleyo, it makes reporting on all aspects of your program simple and accurate. Staff no longer have to merge different reports to make a complete report.  Simplify your registration and reporting processes - use Eleyo.

The Key To Simplifying Your School Aged Child Care Program's Registration Process 

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