How Invoicing For Child Care Programs Can Be Simple And Quick

– January 24, 2017

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Parents who rely on you for child care have two main priorities; first and foremost, their child's wellbeing; and second, convenience. The way you conduct day-to-day activities like invoicing can determine if you keep a family long term or lose them to another facility. Automated invoicing for child care programs makes billing quick and hassle-free which gives you a competitive edge.

Simple And QuickA recent poll revealed that 20% of young adults have never paid a bill using a paper check. As more and more parents are paying bills online, they come to expect practical features like e-billing, online payment options, automatic account debit and accessible account history.

No one can deny that paper billing systems are time-consuming and create unnecessary work. Picture the tedious process of creating, printing, sealing and then sending out each individual invoice. It costs paper, labor, and space that your facility could put to better use; but most importantly, it leads to inefficiency that will cost time for parents and child care providers. If this is your reality, then think about how automatic electronic bills can make a whole world of difference.

Here are some ways that invoicing for child care programs can make parents’ lives easier:

  1. Self-Service

Your staff probably gets many calls each month from parents regarding a whole host of billing questions. Today’s parents are not satisfied with being put on hold. With a cloud-based system, they have control over their accounts and can help themselves quickly and at their own convenience. If a billing issue does arise that requires the help of a team member, a centralized system makes information retrieval quick and easy, resulting in better customer service.  

  1. Statements Delivered On Time

Printing, sealing and sending out individual invoices invites a number of obstacles that can prevent statements from being delivered in a timely manner. E-billing streamlines the process ensuring automatic delivery on a set day each month or week depending on your program's specific payment structure.

  1. Fewer Errors

Nothing is more inconvenient for a parent than dealing with an erroneous charge. Your families will be grateful for automatic account debit which reduces the likelihood that they’ll be charged the wrong amount.

  1. Consistency

Parents have enough to worry about. Simplify their lives by providing all-in-one software that has set processes in place to handle invoicing seamlessly. From child care to billing, parents want a program that they can trust and rely on.  

  1. Security

Smart technology securely stores credit card information. Ditch the shredding of wasteful paperwork and risky cash handling for secure and simple online payment transactions.  

When you stick with dated billing processes, each step creates opportunities for human error, security gaps, or irreversible damage to the paper record.

We are entering an amazing era of technology that makes processes like invoicing quick and easy while improving parent satisfaction.Make Life Easier Get In Touch

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