Making Life Easier: An In-Depth Look at Eleyo

– July 22, 2016

There's no shortage of registration systems in today’s world, but Eleyo is much more than that. Eleyo is a complete program management system, built with a modern user interface to make the software easy to use for both school administrators and parents. Our intuitive, cloud-based structure lets new features integrate seamlessly, and each school district can customize the software to meet their individual needs. It’s a program management tool specifically designed to make life easier through innovation and technology.

What is Eleyo? How does it work?

EleyoOther systems allow parents and guardians to register online, but Eleyo goes much further, allowing parents and guardians to also:

  • Use one account to manage the whole family
  • Request schedule changes
  • Request drop-in days
  • Make withdrawal requests
  • Modify emergency contacts
  • Authorize pick-ups
  • Print receipts and tax statements

With Eleyo, parents don’t need to contact the school for the little things they currently do. Instead, parents can make changes and requests online. Eleyo means parents no longer need to worry about calling during office hours or speaking to the right person. Eleyo software puts responsibility and control into the hands of the parents, freeing up administrators to focus on making their programs better.

Why was Eleyo Developed?

Put simply, Eleyo was developed because the current systems and software were not getting the job done. District staff and parents dealing with physical paper work, paper checks, and phone calls wastes time and resources. Other software packages only focused on one aspect of managing programs, which led to inefficient and ineffective processes. Both administrators and parents deserve a better, holistic way to manage their community education programs.

For instance, imagine the following scenario: A parent with a schedule change request might call the site staff at their child’s after school program and say, “Hey, next week can we drop in on Friday morning?” The site staff then has to remember to record the information, call the district office and say, “Hey, don’t forget to put a drop-in on their next invoice.”

All the information is transferred manually, at the expense of staff time and energy. In the best case scenario, everything works out and all you’ve lost is some staff time and productivity. But if the message isn’t passed on or the employee doesn’t add the drop-in to the invoice, things get complicated quickly.

With Eleyo, the parent logs-in to the software and submits the drop-in request. The invoice charge is generated automatically, along with the attendance list for that day to ensure staffing needs are updated. The process is much simpler, quicker, and more thorough.

Why it Matters

When parents use Eleyo software, they take ownership of registering their children, adjusting schedules, and making payments. It works whether parents have a set schedule, occasional drop-ins, or anything in-between. Eleyo makes class registration and child care program management simple and straightforward. This integrated software product is one-of-a-kind; focused on saving school districts valuable time and resources. If there's one thing our users love about Eleyo, it's this: It’s seamless. It’s seamless for the parents, it’s seamless for the site staff, and it's seamless for the administrators.

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Joe Hickey

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Joe Hickey

Joe is the Business Development Manager at Eleyo. Joe comes to Eleyo with a background in solving problems and helping companies succeed. He’s passionate about helping others and building strong relationships with his customers. He also is an expert in school software and community education management. When he’s not in the office, you can find him on the golf course or hockey rink, depending on the season.