Improving Attendance and Invoicing for Split Families

– October 17, 2018

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When families split up, it takes a community to help them get through it. The U.S. currently has a 40 – 50% divorce rate according to the American Psychological Association. School-age child care programs can carry the responsibility of collecting and reporting on child attendance and payments for family courts. There are two ways the right program management software can take care of reporting so child care staff can concentrate on the children.

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Electronic Attendance Tracking

When using paper attendance tracking, finding a specific date and time a child was dropped off or picked up can be a challenge. Using an attendance tracking application that timestamps drop-offs and pick-ups allows staff to find the information within seconds. The staff can pull a report on a specific child instead of flipping through paper attendance sheets. Attendance records are pulled within minutes and can be passed off to the requesting party.

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Electronic Invoicing

When working with split families, invoicing may require sending an invoice to each parent. From there, staff must track who has paid and when. If your program is using an electronic invoicing system that allows families to pay online, it will be easy to track when the payment was received and by whom. Staff have access to real-time information so parents can get immediate answers. If the software also has a family portal, parents can see which payments were made and when. The less time staff deals with split-family invoicing, the more time they can spend caring for children.

After School Program Software

Just as family dynamics change over time, so do the tools that school-age child care programs use. Pen and paper have always been the tools of choice in child care programs. In a digital age where information is expected within seconds, child care programs will need to adopt program management software that simplifies this process. 


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