How To Make School Registration Easier For Parents

– February 2, 2017

Registration Software

In every industry, there are pivotal points that set the tone for the entire year. For education and child School Registrationcare, the year culminates at registration season.

Printed course catalogs and handwritten class registration forms turn the office into a flurry of forms. Parents are hard at work to fill their children’s schedules while administrative staff work to keep on top of filling, but not overfilling, classes. The long process is full of redundancies and rechecks.

Changing to an integrated registration application will immediately make school registration easier and increase parent satisfaction. You can spare your parents and your staff time and hassle by adopting a web-based registration system that addresses the features that really matter to parents.

Self Service

With online registration, parents can look up class offerings on a dynamic site that updates availability in real-time. All the necessary information is stored and placed automatically in a centralized system where it can be accessed at another time or for future class registrations. Parents need only enter information about their children once during account setup. Therefore, busy parents who need to arrange child care on specific days and times will benefit from pre-registration without having to wait for the assistance of an overwhelmed staff. Prioritize convenience for your families and watch classes fill up without foot traffic crowding the office!

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Present course information so that parents can find offerings that suit their needs. Visitors to your site should be able to view classes on a clickable calendar as well as search for the specifics that matter to them by:

  • Age or grade
  • Cost
  • Program days
  • Program times
  • Subject (music, sports, art, etc.)


You can influence the way parents feel about your child care program by improving how you connect with them. Web-based contact tools empower your staff to generate and automate important messages via email. For example, you can notify parents that a waitlisted class has opened, or schedule a reminder with a class start date and time. In case of emergencies, you can also send urgent messages with a text message.

Intuitive web-based registration helps busy parents enroll their children into the programs that fit their schedules faster than ever. In addition to doing a service to parents, efficient online school registration frees your district from cumbersome, outdated procedures. Everybody benefits when you make school registration easier.Schedule A Demo

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