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– April 18, 2018

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In February 2018, Eleyo published the magazine After School Elevated. Below is exert from the article "Why You Need A Mission Statement" with steps to create a mission statement and identify your program's core values. To read the whole article, click here.

Mission statement.pngA mission statement and a set of core values create a strong foundation where your program can thrive. When they are created thoughtfully and intentionally, your mission and values can serve as a template when you make decisions. Use them as a litmus test for everything:

  • “Does this applicant exude our values?”
  • “Do the proposed program changes support our mission?”
  • “Will this decision bring us closer to our vision?”

After School Elevated | New Resource for After School Programs

Why Does Your Program Exist?

A strong mission statement will help you stay focused, grow your program, and lead your staff. When it’s well-written and succinct, a mission statement also helps you communicate the value of your program to parents and stakeholders.

How to Write Your Mission Statement

When you are writing your mission statement, put together a committee of parents, staff and stakeholders. Your mission statement should answer three questions: what, how, and why.

  • What does your program do?
  • How does your program operate?
  • Why does your program operate?


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