After School Elevated | How To Run Your Program Like A Business

– April 5, 2018

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In February 2018, Eleyo published the magazine After School Elevated. Below is exert from the article "How To Run Your Program Like A Business" with tips on how to cut costs and bring in more revenue. To read the whole article, click here.

Run program like a business.pngMost departments in the school district don't generate revenue. One of the few exceptions to that rule? Before and after school programs. Because of that, it’s important to run those programs like businesses. Learn four ways to help your program grow and improve its bottom line.

Adopt Technology

Technology makes it possible to give families an easy place to update their information. Online accounts let families change their billing info, schedules and more. This helps ensure programs have up-to-date information for their families.

After School Elevated | New Resource for After School Programs

Having parents enter this data online reduces data entry errors. Little data entry errors can result in lost payments or outdated medical information. Plus, when staff aren’t bogged down with data entry, they have more time to develop the program and improve its bottom line.


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