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– April 12, 2018

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Michelle Lee Pina, an industry consultant, provides tips on how to sustain a grant-funded  by transitioning to a fee-based model in After School Elevated's article "How To Build A Financially Sustainable Program." To read the whole article, click here.

Sustainable program.pngStudents are engaged. Parents are appreciative. Staff is amazing. You’ve put time into creating your after school program, and the funding has made it possible for the program to make a positive impact. But what happens if the funding runs out?

One way to sustain grant-funded programs is by transitioning to a fee-based model. Moving to a fee-based model is sustainable, but it takes time and planning to make the switch.

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Ask: Do Our Parents and Leaders Support This?

Before you move to a fee-based model, you need support from two key groups. The first group is the parents of your program. They must be willing and financially able to pay for an after school program.

Many parents choose grant-funded programs because they can’t afford other programs in their communities. Honest conversations with the parents will help you determine if collecting tuition could be a sustainable option.

The second group you need support from is the campus and school district leaders. Programs are most successful when there are a few champions within the organization. Having someone help navigate the various departments and approval processes can also help ensure you have a smooth transition.


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