6 Cool After School Enrichment Program Courses

– November 28, 2018

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By keeping up to date on courses offered, your after school enrichment program will continue to expand. The hard part is learning about new courses to offer since you are usually so busy working in the program, that you don’t have the time to work on the program. We’ve found some course offerings that we hadn’t heard of that you might be interested in.

Little Medical School

We found Little Medical School listed in the NAA Newsletter and thought it was a great idea! Little Medical School creates a mini-medical school journey for children ages 3 –14. Children can role play what it’s like to be a veterinarian, a nurse, a doctor, a dentist, etc.

GPS Winter WonderlandWinter GPS Course RP

Parkway-Rockwood Community Ed is featuring WiLD Family Fun: GPS Winter Wonderland. It’s a family event at a local state park. It’s similar to a scavenger hunt using a GPS unit. What a great way to get the family outside during the winter!

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Here We Glow (Nighttime Pool Event)

If your community education and enrichment programs have access to a pool, this is a fun event for the entire family. Dim the lights and let your neon swimsuits and lights shine! To add a science twist to the fun, provide information on sea creatures that glow in the dark like jelly fish, the bigfin reef squid, etc.

Paranormal Investigation

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, there is a mark for people wanting to learn paranormal investigation or at least experience it. You may have thought that it was impossible to get a degree in Paranormal Science, but it’s a real thing. There are many courses online that you could create your own curriculum or find someone local to teach the courses.

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Mom & Son Messy MadnessMother & Son Painting

You hear a lot of father daughter dances, but what about moms and sons? Create your own event called Mom & Son Messy Madness. This could be an art project, paintball, mud pies, anything where mom and son can bond while making a mess.

CSI Camp

How cool would it be to have a criminal scene (CSI) investigation camp for children? There is such a camp in Florida, CSI Academy of Florida. Children 11 – 18 years of age will learn how to lift fingerprints, how to do a blood spatter analysis, etc. You could work with your local law enforcement to see if there are experts in your area that would volunteer their time.

All in all, you know the communities you serve the best. What would they like to see as enrichment courses? Also, think outside the box and test your ideas on some of your community members. Life is all about learning, it’s pretty boring when you’re not. So what more can you teach?

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