5 Reasons Why You Should Switch from Manual Registration Forms

– October 3, 2018

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Manual registration forms create extra work for your before and after school child care families and staff. Parents could spend 20 minutes completing just one registration packet. Then staff will spend around 30 minutes per registration packet, key-entering information into one or more software systems. It’s time to change from manual registration forms to online registration software. Here’s why:

 Manual Registration Packets

1.  It's Easier for Families

With online registration software, parents enter all the information online. Some programs even allow information to be shared as a family, so there is one account to maintain information for all children in the family. This makes it much easier and less time consuming. With the right online registration software, it could take only three minutes for a family to register a child for after school programs.

2.   It's Easier for Staff

Online registration software has parents enter all required information. Staff need only to review it and edit if necessary. It’s estimated that it takes staff 30 minutes per registration form. With online registration management software, staff are spending only five minutes on registration paperwork.

Case Study: River Falls Kids Club

3.  It's Easier for Coordinators

When using an online registration software, the information is immediately available to make staffing decisions. Coordinators can see the registrations rolling in and which sites are filling quickly. This helps coordinators be more proactive and prepared when the new child care season opens.

4.  It's Easier for Directors

Directors get to spend more time improving the program, and less time managing manual data entry when online registration software is used. Just as with coordinators, directors have immediate access to registration information. Real-time data helps directors when school board or other governing powers want to know current registration numbers.

Eleyo Module Benefits: Child Care

5.  It's Easier for Finance Teams and Account Technicians

Having payments integrated within the online registration software makes it easy for finance teams and account technicians. Payment is received and automatically processed. Some online registration software programs feature auto-pay which ensures that tuition payments and fees are received on time, every time. Programs have reported that they now collect 99% of their fees because of the auto-pay feature.

Simplify the Registration Process: 99% of Fees Collected with Auto-pay

Using an online registration software will save time for both staff and families. The information received online will be more uniform and there is no need to decipher handwriting. With payments integrated into registration, families can take care of all items required for registration in one place. Directors and coordinators can see all information in real-time, making reporting and staffing easier. Just imagine how much time your program gains and how much more your program can do with that time if you switch to an online registration software.

 Transition from Manual Registration Forms with Eleyo


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