The 2021 Registration Workbook

Eleyo Workbook 2021

This interactive PDF will guide you through a strategic registration plan fit for your after school and child care programs as you prepare for your next season. Refreshed content and interactive digital elements elevate the 2021 edition, so be sure to download below!


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Access your free workbook by registering below. Once you receive it, we encourage you to share the workbook with your teams and empower them to help you in this process.


Project Kickoff

We know that we are catching you all at unique parts of your next registration period. Regardless of where you are in your process, strategic planning is required to position your program to elevate your community.

Set you and your team up for success with a strong foundation rooted in a comprehensive project timeline, a mantra to abide by and specific, meaningful goals.


Analysis + Programming

Walk through necessary feedback and data you must review to help ensure a successful season. 

With the power of previous season information comes innovation. Through collaborative efforts and community research you can provide new learning opportunities for your community. 



Operations + Setup

Preparing. Scheduling. Organizing. Building. Updating. Reviewing. Many internal elements are part of your program's overall puzzle. Set your registration season up for success by ensuring all necessary schedules, training, messaging and other items are established and in place.


Optimization + Marketing

You’ve done the work to go live, now it’s time to further optimize and spread awareness about your awesome program. Identify target audiences and create messages that resonate and inspire.

Train for success. With your programs running, initial and ongoing training is a priority. Walk through everything you need to know to rightfully prepare your staff.


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