In this together.

2020 continues to bring seemingly insurmountable challenges to the before and after school industry. Through grit and skill, teams are overcoming these challenges to meet an important need of their community.

In the spirit of connection and collaboration, we want to share these stories with you. After listening, we hope to hear yours, too.


“Going through this time just be patient with yourself and others, especially your staff, because you don’t know what they are going through.”

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Keep Going

“We are evolving, and that is the only way to keep going.”

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“We realized that we could not control everything 100%, but we could control what we could control.”

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Creativity & Connection

“If you talk to the people who support you during normal times, you’ll find out what they are looking for now. Then, just get creative.”

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Focus & Pivot

“What I found is the more vulnerable I was and the more I let go, the better things got.”

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Challenge = Opportunity

“While disruption can certainly present challenges, it can also present opportunities that we can capitalize on if we are prepared to do so.”

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