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– February 20, 2019

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Eleyo has always been driven by solving school districts’ needs. Specifically, what are their needs when it comes to program management for their child care, preschool, and enrichment programs?

To make sure we understand what our users need, we make time to listen to them. Our users’ voices are heard every time they work with our award-winning support team. In fact, because our support team talks with users every day, they are often the ones who make recommendations for product updates. We also make time to connect with our users through annual user experience surveys and by attending industry conferences.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Listen to four child care and enrichment professionals who talked with us at the Minnesota Community Education Association (MCEA) Annual Conference.

Easily Track the Number of Children in Your Program

“In every district that I’ve worked in, I would say with child care in particular, we’ve had a hard time with tracking the number of children that come to us. On paper, it gets challenging. So with the Child Care App on the iPad, it’s been really, really beneficial.” Ashley Tupper, Child Care Coordinator, Westonka Community Public Schools

Testimonial 4 Ashley Tupper


Eliminate the Manual Effort in Collecting and Entering Payments

“In the child care program, we used to spend almost half a day to a day [every month] entering multiple payments. Keying in the 16-digit-long credit card numbers. We no longer have to do that. It’s so easy for parents and clients to get online 24/7, no matter where they are, and make those payments. We don’t have to worry about collecting and entering. It’s been wonderful.” Lisa Becker, Kids Play Coordinator, St. Michael-Albertville Schools

Testimonial 1 Lisa Becker


Process Registrations Faster and Easier

“One of the ways Eleyo has made my life easier – and for our department as well – it’s simplified the processing of registration. From where we were previously, years back, the time involved is much quicker. It takes less people to be involved in that process.” Penny Blankenship, Specialist CES for Registration and Finances, Wayzata Public Schools

Testimonial 3 Penny Blankenship


Quickly Find and Generate the Reports You Need

“It’s been easy to figure out where to go. There’s ways to drill down, to find the reports you need, to access the information you’re looking for.” Amy Ward, Preschool Coordinator, Rochester Community Education

Testimonial 2 Amy Ward


At Eleyo, we know that we only succeed when we create tools that make program management easier and more efficient for our users. If you can focus on the children and your community because of our software, we’ve succeeded.

Let us make it easier to focus on what really matters – your community and the children in it. 

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