Simplify the Registration Process: Flex Your Scheduling Muscle

– August 22, 2018

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No two families’ schedules are the same. In order to meet the needs of your community, your child care program needs to offer flexible scheduling options. Having the ability to choose your program’s scheduling makes it stronger and more desirable to the community because let’s face it, it’s hard to find quality child care that fits a family’s schedule.

Some program management software dictates how you should schedule your program’s offerings. If you want to offer different schedules, you may need to create different registration sections to provide more scheduling options. For example, there would be one section for mornings only, a second section for afternoons only, and a third section for mornings and afternoons. If during these times you’d like families to choose their child’s activity, then there’s even more sections to be created which creates a mess for families and a reporting headache for staff.

Simplify the Registration Process: Comprehensive Online Registration

Eleyo allows your program to offer multiple scheduling options to your families. This makes it easier to pull rosters, reporting, and billing. It’s also easier for families to go through the registration process. They don’t have to sign up multiple times to get the schedule that works for them. It’s that simple.

Perhaps a family needs to use before care on only Mondays and Wednesdays, but every afternoon Monday through Friday. With Eleyo’s registration process, families can choose exactly what works for them. Some of Eleyo’s customers offer two afternoon sessions so that parents who can pick up their children at 4:30 p.m. are charged one rate, and those who can’t be there until 6:00 p.m. can be charged a different rate.

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Eleyo makes it easier for families to choose which activities their children are involved in during their before or after school session. Allowing parents to choose activities ahead of time helps control the chaos during these sessions. It also helps administrators and staff plan for the day and know which classes are most valuable to their programs.

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Simplifying the Registration Process: Customizable Fields & QuestionsEleyo Heart on Muscle

It’s amazing how much information you can gather during the registration process and how easy it can be. Take the chaos out of your program’s registration process. Simplify your registration process by using Eleyo’s flexible scheduling muscle to make your program stronger.


The Key To Simplifying Your School Aged Child Care Program's Registration Process

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