Lights On Afterschool | October 26, 2017

– October 25, 2017

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More children need before and after school care. The Afterschool Alliance created Lights On Afterschool in October 2000 to help bring awareness to the vital need for before and after school child care.


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According to the Afterschool Alliance, 11.3 million children in America are home alone, unsupervised after school. Lights On Afterschool started in 2000 to call attention to how the U.S. needs after school programs to care for the children who have no supervision and, in some cases, no safe place to go when school is out.

Many after school programs celebrate Lights On Afterschool by having open houses, contests, carnivals, climb challenges, and races. Each program uses this time to educate communities and lawmakers on the importance of afterschool programs. Even the iconic Empire State Building in New York will be lit in yellow to celebrate Lights On Afterschool.

This year’s Lights On Afterschool is on Thursday, October 26th. So what can your program do to participate? How can you educate your community? The Afterschool Alliance provides many ideas for planning events or finding events nearby. Hooks ISD in Texas made their own video celebrating Lights On Afterschool in 2015. You can also watch the recap of 2016’s Lights On Afterschool celebration posted by the Afterschool Alliance.

Eleyo is excited to see what your school district is doing to participate in Lights On Afterschool. Share your events and promotions with us through our social media sites so we can share with everyone the great things that after school programs do!

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