Happy Teacher's Day

– May 9, 2017

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As we celebrate Teacher's Day, the Eleyo team took a moment to reflect on the teachers who have made an impact in our lives.

Rear view of students attentively listening to male teacher in the classroom.jpeg“The teacher who made the biggest impact on my life is Mr. Rosen who taught sales and marketing classes at North St. Paul High School and introduced us to DECA. We proudly called ourselves DECA Dorks and loved competing with other high schools through writing marketing campaigns and sales pitches, as well as public speaking. Without Mr. Rosen’s passion for sales and marketing, I would have never found my career path in marketing.”      Shelly Wagner, Product Marketing Specialist

“Julie Cross, Sales and Marketing instructor at Chippewa Valley Technical College, made the largest impact in regards to my current career. She gave classes various real-life situations and events to participate in throughout our studies. Her passion for Marketing rubbed off on me, and I thank her tremendously for showing me this industry. I am now a proud Event Coordinator at Eleyo.”         Courtney Kinneman, Event Coordinator

“The teacher who had the biggest impact on me was my mom. Even with seven children in my family, she devoted her time and energy to raising and educating us, and she never dropped the ball in giving us an excellent education. I was always a part of enrichment, music, and athletic programs in order to get a well-rounded education, and she taught us to stay disciplined in our schedule every day in order to accomplish everything that was required from PK through high school. Her passion aside from being a mother first, was being a teacher, and she shared that passion in our schooling. I have to say my mom is pretty amazing!”               Laura Radtke, Training Specialist

“I'll forever be grateful for my high school math teacher, Mr. Gentz. Math was not my strong point, but he never allowed me to fall behind or feel too intimidated to ask questions. Thank you to teachers everywhere who help children feel confident in even their weakest subjects! “              Rylie Heilman, Marketing Specialist

The greatest thing about teachers is that they have a magic ability to turn nothing into something. Whether it is teaching a child to read or teaching them calculus, teachers are directly responsible for the world as we know it. It is important that all teachers are recognized for hours of work they put in before and after school as well as the fruits of their labor- US! A big thanks goes out to every teacher who has impacted the lives of children and adults across the world.

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