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– September 27, 2018

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Part of the challenge that school-age child care programs face is having multiple software systems to pull information from to complete reports. To meet reporting requirements for school districts or federal grant programs, such as 21st Century, programs need to tie student ID numbers to children in their program to show the children’s progress. Most programs manually enter student identification numbers and cross-reference contact information between their district’s Student Information System (SIS) program and their program management software. This makes these reports very time consuming. Eleyo has made that process easier.

SIS Integration Blog Puzzle PieceIn the past, school-age child care programs have found that what they have for student or family information may not be as current as the district’s SIS software. When families update contact or child information within the district’s SIS software, they believe that the updated information will transfer to the child care program. With SIS integration, Eleyo can ensure that child care programs have the most current information for children and their families.

 Attendance Tracking Software for Schools with Child Care Programs

This process can help eliminate duplicates and ensure accuracy within Eleyo, which will make the lives of Eleyo users ever easier. Eleyo integrates with the following SIS software:


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