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– May 1, 2017

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Eleyo recently discovered a side of California that is more than just beautiful weather and Hollywood. For 10 years and counting Palm Springs, C.A. has been an attraction for afterschool professionals across the nation.

The BOOST conference is one of the largest attractions for out-of-school time professionals. It’s retreat-like atmosphere creates a bond within the industry and brings a whole new light to the afterschool community. With the mission of supporting global out-of-school time professionals with professional development opportunities, resources development and community advancement, BOOST was an event we couldn’t pass up. We packed our bags with Eleyo green shirts and we headed to the west coast where we were nothing short of impressed.


The conference offers more than 125 workshops and inspiration stations, master classes by world-experts, and over 125 exhibitors, Eleyo included. Exhibitor stations varied from sensory enhancing games, robots, and technological software for staff.


In between all of the workshops and exhibitor hall hours, there was a general session held daily. Bringing a unique twist to the traditional session, BOOST had 3 youth tell their personal story through poetry and resilience. These youth moved the room with their words, attendees praising their bravery and applauding in support of their strong message. The following speakers were just as inspiring. When Keynote Speaker, Senator Barbara Boxer, took the stage there was a sense of excitement for the future. Keynote Speaker Jesse Williams spoke on the struggles of current events and how we should use this time to be empowered to do more for afterschool programs.


Following the daily speakers and breakout sessions, the BOOST conference organized fun by the pool for socializing and networking. This part of the day brought forward some of our most productive conversations, introducing Eleyo to a world of industry leaders and influencers with the same passion to better the afterschool programs. These were the conversations that left us with spinning gears.

Once the days of networking, exhibiting, and learning came to and end, Eleyo left Palm Springs with a new angle on afterschool programs and their needs. The BOOST conference was nothing short of informational and heartening. We are grateful for the people who dedicate their lives to empowering conferences that better our communities.


How is your community celebrating Afterschool Professionals Appreciation Week? Share with us through our Facebook page or Twitter. We are excited to share with the world the wonderful Afterschool Professionals in our area and hope you will do the same! #heartofafterschool


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