In Child Care, billing is not one size fits all.

– October 3, 2017

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One thing we can all be assured of, is that every person, family structure, and child care program is different. No two are the same. The same could be said about billing. Billing software has to be as flexible as your program needs it to be. What features make billing software flexible?

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Billing frequency. Some child care program management software will bill parents on a weekly basis, others on a monthly basis. Sometimes within the same program, there can be different levels of care or courses provided, each needing their own billing cycle. Eleyo enables school districts and child care programs to decide when and how they would like to bill their patrons. Eleyo even makes it easy for parents to set up auto-pay so they can set it and forget it!

Discounts and/or scholarships. Using a billing software program that is incorporated into your registration system will allow your program to offer early bird discounts or set up different pricing based on either program activities or sliding fee scales. With Eleyo, a district can set up percentage based or flat-rate discounts, as well as offer scholarships.

Automate late fees and late pickup fees. Make sure payments are received on time and that your staff’s time is valued. Pick a billing software that will automatically charge a late fee if payments aren’t received on time. With software integrated into attendance tracking, you will be able to automate late pickup fees as well.

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Electronic payment options. Let’s face it, if your program still only accepts checks and cash at the program’s headquarters, you need to move into the 21st century. With electronic payments through Eleyo, you can accept electronic checking or savings payments as well as credit card payments.

Easily track outstanding balances. It is so much easier to log into a system and see when and who made a payment. Eleyo offers you the option to run an outstanding balances report or look into a specific family account to see when the last payment was received and by whom.

The right billing software communicates with your registration system and family portal. It brings all your internal departments on the same page and makes billing conversations with families easier.


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