4 Critical Software Features to Make the Lives of Parents Easier

– December 13, 2017

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Implementing child care program management software into your program requires you to consider the needs of a variety of different people, from staff to parents. From a parent’s view, the software needs to be accessible, convenient, and easy to use. Here are four critical software features that Eleyo offers to make parents’ lives easier.


No Strings or Apps Attached

The Eleyo program management software platform is mobile friendly. Parents can view the site from any type of mobile device. There is no need to download an app. The platform is continually updated to make navigation quick and easy.

Searching for the Right Fit

When parents register a child for a course, they have specific days and times that work with their schedules. Eleyo makes it easy to search for the right fit by allowing parents the ability to schedule child care for the times, days, and locations within the district that best fit their needs.

Dynamic Family Portal

Eleyo’s software includes a Family Portal in which parents can register their children, maintain emergency contacts and approved pick-ups, and review any past or future payments due. Parents can even submit schedule changes or new child care contracts 24/7.

Sharing the Bill

The family structure has changed over the years. Some family expenses are shared by parents with separate accounts or other family members. Families and child care programs need to have an easy way to accommodate split payments. Eleyo offers several options for families wishing to split payments. Payments can be automatically made on time without the hassle of coordinating payments.


Child care is all about serving children and their families. Eleyo takes the families to heart when designing program management software that not only makes the lives of district staff easier, but also the lives of the parents easier.


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