The 2020 After School Report

Busy parent

Parent's schedules are busier than ever

On average, today's parents have 32 minutes of free time per day. This time roughly equates to watching an episode-and-a-half of The Office®, doing a load of laundry (if set on quick rinse) or reading a few chapters of a book.

Making technology a hero in their daily lives

With kids, dinners, work, traffic, playdates, date-dates and more, parents are 24/7. As a result, your community members are relying on technology, specifically mobile technology, to maximize time and create efficiencies in their day-to-day lives.

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Mobile technology

Do after school programs agree? Will they adapt?

To better understand how programs are adapting to the needs of the 24/7 parent, we asked districts across all US geographies what challenged them throughout 2019 and how they navigated those challenges into success. Looking ahead, we asked those programs their 2020 mantra and how they planned to achieve their initiatives with technology.

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You'll see the results of our conversations in our 2020 After School Report. After viewing the report, we hope you leave with 20-20 vision for your program.


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