Eleyo's Story

We built Eleyo to meet the specific needs of school district administrators. Our core values drive the decisions we make and innovations in our technology.

Eleyo's world-class staff


Our mission is to make life easier through innovation and technology. Our goal is to earn the right to be recommended.



To provide software solutions that enhance program management within school districts.



Honesty and Integrity

We value honest and open communication, both inside our company and with our customers. We want to know what our customers think about our software and service, and we’ll do everything we can to make sure they have a world-class experience.



We release only the best products we can. That means that our software is under continual development with regular releases to add new features and fix any issues that may arise.



Our world-class support team offers live phone and email support that is customer-focused. We make sure you have the support you need. We usually respond to support requests within minutes and resolve issues quickly.



We’re passionate about making sure community leaders have the best technology available. There are many different ways districts are using our software and we enjoy helping our customers get the most out of Eleyo.



We pride ourselves on always being professional: from our first meeting, to troubleshooting issues, and providing support for our products. That means we’ll always stand behind our products, and we’ll always be friendly and courteous.

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